Clarity combines process science with a deep understanding of unit operations, to develop innovative and control solutions specifically designed for the mineral processing industry.

What We Do

Implementing controlled solutions in the mineral processing industry, with offerings in:

  • User-interface development
  • Control philosophy development
  • Equipment tie-in identification and review
  • Commissioning and implementation
  • Safety reviews
  • Documentation generation and review, including Operating, Training, and Safe Working Instructions (SWIs)

Some of the technologies that Clarity installs and implements include the following:

Implementation of CSIRO iOR™

Understanding the rheological properties in a mineral processing plant is important for slurry transport. Until now, these tests can only be performed offline in specialised laboratories and are highly susceptible to sampling and handling errors, and at best give a snapshot in time.

The CSIRO Intelligent Online Rheometer (iOR™) is field-deployable, robust and constantly online, requiring no user intervention or specific skill set to operate. This allows operators to monitor and optimise their slurry transport while lowering the risks of costly process upsets, like pipeline blockages in real time.

Implementation of CSIRO InterFloat™

The froth phase is a vital component in any flotation process, and acts as the main means for mineral transport out of the cell and determines recovery. The optimisation of recovery requires control of the froth quantity, while the optimisation of concentrate grade requires the control of the froth structure. However, current froth control mechanisms tend to be limited both in range and accuracy.

The CSIRO InterFloat™ is a robust industrial-grade device, which provides accurate visual and digital feedback on the froth level, allowing optimisation of flotation processing and mineral recovery.