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Clarity Advanced Control Pty Ltd (Clarity) specialises in the industrial process implementation of sensors and control systems into multi-phase mineral processing equipment. This includes project planning, sensor installation and commissioning, equipment validation and ongoing support. Clarity's real time wireless communications framework enables equipment performance monitoring both locally and remotely through our clear and concise dashboard and trending capability.

Our objective is the development, implementation and commercialisation of mineral-specific instrumentation in a drive towards control and automation solutions.

This can be done by harnessing the significant miniaturisation of computing power to allow complex computation inside the instruments, and provide intelligent, pre-processed, and timely data.

Another key aim is to drive positive site behaviours through training and data visualisation, and enabling particularly the small- to mid-tier producers who have limited or no instrumentation or monitoring implemented.

Clarity combines process science with a deep understanding of unit operations, to develop innovative and control solutions specifically designed for the mineral processing industry.

Our Projects
Enabling real-time process improvement through the development, implementation and commercialisation of emergent advanced instrumentation and control strategies
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Clarity specialises in the implementation of innovative sensors and control algorithms into processing systems